Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Halloween from the House of Pod

Next time I have some stranger take our picture, I will be sure to look at it before I let them walk away. IDK who that lady is in the background but thank goodness, she has on orange!

Some new photos

Still the silliest and cutest girl in all the land. Still has the prettiest blue eyes in all the land...

and the dirtiest face at the whole table. ;)

I can finally log on!!!!!!!!

I have had the worlds worst time trying to get to my blog. Hence the no posting for like FOUR months! We have had so much happen, we have had our first report card and parent/teacher conference, we have had two teeth come in...and have two teeth on their way out (the princess of course). We have had a birthday (Mrs. Pod turns 27 yet again), we have withstood a single ear infection, then strep throat, then a double ear infection (all are well now) AND we have had our first Halloween night out with Prince Charming! Pictures to come. So good to be back!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Five months and just four days before The Prince turned six months old, he verbalizes something other that screetching and the baby coos that we have grown to love. While waiting on the Princess to try on school clothes in a dressing room The Prince decides to speak. I REALIZE its just a sound...but to me, he just recited the entire Declaration of Independence!

Hooray for first days of school!!

It's official. The Princess is now a full fledged Kindergartener. Although she was in pre-K in a real school environment, this was still VERY VERY huge. The princess went from a private school into a public school-leaving behind friends that she had made and an environment that she had grown to love (or perhaps it was me on both accounts and she couldn't have cared less). At any rate, the day went great for her-she has decided she will stay in school which works out just fine because I think the current law of the land is, kids have to go or the parents go to jail! ;)